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Lifestyle & General Interest

March 17th, 2018 ·

Although I consider myself a generalist, as far as my freelance writing goes, until recently I wrote relatively few articles intended for a general audience. Usually, I write articles for trade publications, or create marketing copy or Web content related to a specific industry. In the past few years, however, I have had the privilege of writing for several magazines, including Dallas Style & Design, Atomic Ranch, Success from HomeDallas Child, Hacked, and Thrivin’, among others. And, of course, I wrote a variety of features for ATOMIC Magazine, the award-winning quarterly that I ran as editor and publisher for four years.

Here are few samples of general interest articles, including an older piece that is my all time favorite, “24-Hour Party People.” (Leslie Rosenberg is my maiden name.) To get a quote on a project, please email me at

Inside the North Texas Fair & Rodeo (cover story Denton County magazine)
24-Hour Party People (ATOMIC Magazine)
Turkish Delight (Dallas Style & Design)
Exceptional Service (Dallas Style & Design)
Dallas Child – The Invisible Ones: Homeless Children in the Metroplex
Social Circles Dating Service (Manhattan Resident)
Profile of Dick Clark (ATOMIC Magazine)

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Health & Medical Writing

March 17th, 2018 ·

A good journalist must be adept at gathering information and weaving it into a coherent story. It also helps to be a quick learner. If you’ve got those qualities nailed, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re writing about widget manufacturing, profiling a celebrity dog groomer, or recounting the history of space exploration. Medical writing is no different — it’s all about asking questions, and communicating information in a way that makes sense to the reader.

I’m not a brain surgeon, but I’ve interviewed several. I have also spoken with cancer patients and shared their experience and insights for the benefit of others struggling with the disease. I hope you enjoy these samples of my medical writing. (Some articles are under my maiden name, Leslie Rosenberg.)

To request a quote on a project, please email me at

Health & Medical articles

American Heart Association – Cooking Up Omega 3s

Dallas Child – Lasting Scars: Bullying Can Have Long-Term Impact on Children

CURE Magazine – Overcoming Depression

Neurology Reviews – The Oldest Alzheimer’s Patients

Neurology Reviews – Seizure-Related Brain Damage

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Food & Travel Articles

February 17th, 2015 ·

Some travel writers get to explore far-off lands. I’ve done that, too, although my work often is more pragmatic. For example, I recently wrote all of the copy for the in-room guest services directory for a boutique hotel in Colorado, as well as a series of online promotions targeted at travel agents.

On the fun side, I’ve written my share of shorter food and travel-related articles, samples of which you can see below. (Some are under my maiden name, Leslie Rosenberg.) The picture to the left is from a trip to Campeche, Mexico, which I wrote about here. I also did a really snazzy piece on Montreal a few years back, but it ran in a newspaper, and I can’t figure out how to scan the sucker down to a readable size. Hopefully, these other tasty tidbits will still whet your appetite.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote on a project, please email me at

Plan a Family Getaway to Campeche
Inside the North Texas Fair & Rodeo
(cover story Denton County magazine)
Creating Community in Old Town Lewisville
The Wildhorse Grill, Bar & Lounge
Review of Mary’s Fish Camp, NYC
Review of Spread restaurant, NYC
ATOMIC Magazine: Venus Lounge (Las Vegas) & Kent Motel (Miami)
Review of Nana restaurant, Dallas

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