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Why Hire a Writer

March 16th, 2008 ·

You know the benefits package from your HMO that you keep in your desk drawer? Somebody wrote that.

And the text that appears on the Website of your favorite clothing retailer? Someone wrote that, too.

Press releases, magazine articles, newsletters, email announcements–someone writes them all. That someone may be me.

Crafting the perfect message takes time and talent. Sure, you could whip something up yourself, or ask a friend or colleague to give it a go. But are you willing to bet your business on the results? As a professional with more than 15 years’ experience in journalism, marketing, and corporate communications, I have the specialized skills to do the job right. If you have a project in mind, I will take the time to understand your exact needs, your budget, and your deadlines.

What’s more, for the reader to truly understand your meaning, the message needs to be communicated just so. And for that, you need to call in a professional. I will help you focus in on the most pertinent information and the right tone, so your target audience will hear exactly what you intend to say.

Choosing the right words can help you sell a product, share an opinion, and elicit an emotional response. Strong writing has the power to win people over and create a call to action. Whether you need marketing collateral, a press release, Web content, a newsletter or even a book, I can help you massage your message to the max. Your audience won’t just be reading, they’ll be riveted. And you won’t just look smart, you’ll look smashing.

If you have never worked with a consultant before, I encourage you to read my blog post on Tips for Working with a Freelance Writer. To get a quote on a project, please email me at leslie@lesliejthompson.com.

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